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castle-110-pocket-cutter.jpeg Pocket Cutting Just Got Portable - Castle USA now has a highly portable and easy-to-use solution for creating stable low angle pocket joints. The Castle 110 Pocket Cutter creates low, 3º pockets that minimize joint creep, particularly when compared to other pocket hole joinery solutions. [read more]


Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement: The affordable, portable, easy-to-use pocket hole cutting machine - Anyone who uses pocket holes occasionally will likely opt for a manual pocket hole jig, which can be had for around $100CAD. But, if you make cabinets on a regular basis, a pocket cutter machine is significantly quicker and more precise. [read more]


TSM-12 Benchtop Pocket Cutter Machine:

JLC The Journal of Light Construction: Castle TSM-12 Bench Top Pocket-Hole Cutter
-  Pocket-hole joinery has been a staple in cabinet shops for decades, and with good reason. Tests show pocket holes and screws to be superior to traditional joinery in 3/4-inch material. For example, a comparable mortise-and-tenon joint fails at about 450 pounds under a shear load, whereas a pocket-hole joint fails at around 700 pounds. With the portable jigs available everywhere these days, they have become almost universal in the woodworking and DIY world.

[read more]