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About Us

Why Castle?

Castle stands alone as the American manufacturer who pioneered pocket cutting technology and machinery – we invented the first pocket cutter capable of creating low-angle, 6° pockets. Since Castle was the very first manufacturer to design and build these machines, the Castle brand became synonymous with “Low-Angle Pocket” which is why we, and many others, refer to “The Castle Pocket” to this day.  We’ve been making pocket cutting machines since 1985 and were awarded the very first patent in the industry.

And, since we never rest on our past accomplishments, as the result of Castle’s continued product innovations and improvements, many additional patents have been awarded to us for our expanded range of pocket cutters and for our latest machine, the CSI 1.5D Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter.

We make and assemble everything in Petaluma, California, and our products are manufactured to the highest standards. We also manufacture world-class assembly tables, accessories, and tooling.

Our products are virtually unsurpassed when it comes to service life, durability, ease of maintenance and simplicity in user training. Just about anyone can master any of our machines with minimal training. We are committed to our customers, dealers, and machine operators, and take pride in our friendly and effective customer service. We are pleased to have contributed to the ever-growing use of pocket joinery.

About Us

We use local vendors wherever possible and as an American machinery manufacturer, Castle champions the cause of the American entrepreneurial woodworker. We develop products that support woodworking shops of all sizes in their efforts to be productive and successful.

It all started when founder Max Durney, then a partner at an architectural millwork firm, was trying to find an assembly solution for store fixtures he was shipping overseas. Max wanted to produce fixtures that could be shipped flat, site-assembled, and which would have strong, stable joints when put together. Max solved his dilemma by creating an entirely new joinery method: pocket cutter joinery. This new method included machining a pocket using a router, drilling a pilot hole from the opposite side, and then fastening the parts with screws through the pocket into the adjoining part.

Many years and numerous patents later, Max’s solution is still known today, industry-wide, as the “Castle low-angle pocket.”

At Castle, our dedication to quality, service, and support is evidenced in our products and in our loyal customer base. We strive to always deliver value to our customers, market partners, suppliers, and employees.