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Used Machines

While our machines are widely known for being unsurpassed when it comes to service life, durability, ease of maintenance, and resale value, we encourage you to check with us before buying a used Castle machine from a 3rd party seller. Frequently, the machines are being offered without any regard to performance and/or the availability of spare parts.  Although Castle maintains one of the most comprehensive inventories of replacement and repair parts, there are some machines which have been obsolete for a number of years. These machines are difficult to work on due to the unavailability of parts and reference information.

We invite you to contact us directly if you have any questions about a Castle machine and we encourage you to reach out prior to purchasing one from a 3rd party, because regardless of how or where you purchase your Castle product, we want you to be satisfied with its performance, value, and service life.

For factory refurbished machines available directly through Castle, please see our Special Promotions page here on this website.













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