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Screw Pocket Joinery

The Castle Pocket joinery allows a screw to go in at an extremely low angle, eliminating the amount of shifting that occurs as the screw is fastened to the other piece of wood.

Assembly times are 60% to 70% faster than traditional joinery methods; shooting a series of pockets and assembling the parts immediately is a better way than milling, gluing, clamping, waiting hours for the glue to cure and then sanding.

A broad range of professionals and amateurs utilize Castle machines to leverage their production efficiencies. Commonly used applications with Castle machines include joining face frames on cabinets, frameless cabinets, drawer boxes, toe kicks, hospitality furniture, and store fixtures. Castle customers rave about their ability to consistently produce effective joinery solutions in record time with various applications in a variety of materials. Woodworkers and manufacturers continue to use Castle machines in new and innovative ways such as with piano construction, mobile home manufacturing, and crown molding.