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Professional quality in pocket joinery starts With Castle Pockets.

Castle Screw Pocket Method

Castle Pocket Joinery

Get faster, stronger joinery with Castle’s TSM Series Pocket Cutters

The industry standard for screw pocket joinery

  1. Route 4 Pockets in a Face Frame stile in UNDER 8 SECONDS
  2. Outstanding versatility allows a variety of applications UNMATCHED by any drill tub system
  3. Low screw angle greatly reduces JOINT SHIFT
  4. The first choice for thousands of WOODWORKING PROFESSIONALS
  5. Making fine woodworking machinery since 1985

Castle Pockets


It’s The Pocket!

Castle Pocket Method - Low 6' Screw Angle vs Drill Tub Boring

FAST – Two second cycle time for speedy production throughout

SAFE – The two point safety cycle will not run unless the material is fully inserted and the foot switch is depressed simultaneously*
* TSM-21 and TSM-35 only

FLEXIBLE – The Castle Low Angle Pockets work well in high pressure laminates, particle board, MDF, melamine, soft woods and hard woods

LONG LIFE –The tooling is inexpensive and simple to change

What will you create with your Pocket Cutter?

Frameless cabinets – drawer boxes – toe kicks – counter edges – back splashes – scribes – molding – outdoor decks – beveled or curved edges – aprons – picture frames – stairs – window frames – speaker boxes – piano cases – packing crates – display fixtures – bird houses – shelves – office furniture – table tops – bed frames – entertainment centers – wine cases – counter edge trim – door trim – mantle – drawer stops – planter boxes – table planks – AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

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pocket joinery   pocket joinery