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Shipping & Returns


Absolutely no returns shall be accepted without prior authorization by Castle. Any returns must clearly show a valid Return Materials Authori­za­tion (RMA) number, issued by Castle, or they will be refused.

Shipping & Freight

    1. Castle will, to the best of its abilities, endeavor to make timely deliveries on  orders; however, Buyer acknowledges that Castle can not guarantee delivery dates and will not be liable for any damages due to a failure to fill an order or for delays in delivery of Castle Products.
    2. Orders consisting of any (3) Castle Pocket Machines (Models TSM-21 or TSM-35) will be shipped freight pre-paid, FOB Destination, within the continental United States to a single location at a discount off Suggested List Price per the terms set forth in Exhibit A as part of this agreement.  Any additional locations will be shipped Freight Collect or Freight Prepaid/Add, FOB Petaluma, California. A qualifying order that includes Face Frame Tables of any model will include freight for the Face Frame Table less the freight charge for the (3) Castle Pocket Machines.
    3. Orders of fewer than (3) Castle Pocket Machines (Models TSM-21 or TSM-35) be shipped Freight Collect or Freight Prepaid/Add, FOB Petaluma, California.
    4. Orders consisting of Service and Accessory parts will ship Freight Prepaid & Add, FOB Petaluma, California at a 15% discount off Castle’s Suggested List Price.
    5. An order consisting of consumables that exceeds $200.00 net, which will be sold at a  discount off Castle’s Suggested List Price, and shipped Freight Prepaid/Add, FOB Petaluma, California.
    6. Orders will ship by a carrier chosen by Castle at its sole discretion when Castle pays freight.
    7. Orders will ship by a carrier chosen by the Dealer when the Dealer pays freight, or, if the Dealer agrees, by a carrier chosen by Castle with the best freight rate available.

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