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Service Parts available for the TSM-35 Pocket Cutter 

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  • E03015 - Siemens Contactor, 24 VAC/50-60 HZ

    E03015 - Siemens Contactor, 24 VAC/50-60 HZ

    Siemens contactor 3RT1016-1AB01 24 VAC/ 50-60 Hz. Use with Siemens Overload 3RU1116-1GB0 208-230V (E03161) or Overload 3RU1116-1CB0 460V (E03116) NOTE: Castle no longer carries Siemens contactors or overloads.  To replace please purchase E91024 -...

  • E03116 - High Overload - SIEMENS

    E03116 - High Overload - SIEMENS

    Siemens 3RU1116-1CB0 460V 3 phase overload.  Use with Siemens contactor 3RT1016-1AB01 (E03015). NOTE: Siemens has discontinued this product.  To replace please purchase E03216 - Siemens 460V overload 3RU2116-1CB0 AND E03215 - Siemens...

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